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I have been living here in Boracay for the last 16 years. I am a pioneer and was able to get some of the last prime view property on the island. My house overlooks Din-Iwid beach, White Beach, Malay,and Balinghai cove. It is the location of Boxing champ Manny Pacquios and Chris Acquino's place, Microtell resort, Nami, Mikas, Wahini, etc. It is only a five minute walk from Boracay terraces and 15 min to the catholic church or plaza.

Well, I retired in August 2010
and would like to get enough money from the properties to buy somthing humble back in the States. Don't laugh.
I've been here long enough and it's time for grandkids and healthcare!

My Neighbor, Peter Bruger at SPR has some great aerial shots of our properties and the island. His place is 24 million pesos, but my house is twice as big and my land is 7x larger.

What is mine worth? I'll take 6 million pesos and you'll be in the islands best neighborhood. Why build or try an unknown area?

Yes, I would consider terms such as 20% Down payment and up to 2 (two) years to pay. But you will loose your
equity if you dont complete the transaction as agreed.

The property can also be secured with an SEC approved holding corporation in case you are a foreigner.

My house is the one on the very top with the white roof. It is three story, 3 bath with about 2,000 square feet. Quite special! Right of way through Microtell is included.

The land is about 900 square meters. Of course we have water (including our own), electricity, phone, internet.
There is also a garage downstairs which can be used for car or boat or small restaurant.

There is actually enough land for 7
guest cottages in case you are interested in running a business.

My email is

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In the early days, Jens Peters made this postcard with (YOUR)house in it. Since then it has become like the Philippine Riviera. So many artists, MD's and CEOs are here. Nice people and and from all countries. There is room for you, too! Please consider this opportunity to actually own your piece of paradise if that has been your dream.


There is no place like Boracay! It has been twice voted the world's best beach by Aussie travel writers.

We have an international community here
and most are professionals and very special people. Besides the public schools, we have 3 international schools as well as christian education.
There's Rotary, Kiwainas, Soroptomists, Couples for Christ.

What do you like? Scuba, sailing, parties, walks, reading, music?

It's all here with low cost of living...and the special thing about Boracay is it's safe for you health, security, and also your investment.

I have a 15 year old SEC approved holding company which allows me to have property as a foreigner. This is what many of the large investors here have done. You are welcome to take over this if you wish or you can easily form one in Manila for about $300 US Dollars.

When viewing SPR site, our place is the one on top with the White metal roof. You will be next door to Doctor and Doctora Braun on one side and Terry Glick (founder of Fridays) on the other. Just above Microtel.


I enjoy playing guitar, Amateur radio,
Sailing, Snorkeling, fishing and gormet meals. I write.

My wife is a painter.

There is no end to the things you can find to do here. You have enough space to hold a conference if you wish, or just enjoy your solitude. At night, you can hear the waves gently reaching the shore below as you sleep. By day, you can hear the excitment of kids on bananna boats. Lots of birds and nature. (32 fruit trees, orchids!)

We have great restaurants here and not realy the noise of revelers like the main beach (you can walk to that if you miss it)

The location is breathtaking (inspirational) in case you have any creative type work that you do.